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Mission and Vision


The Department of Mechanics at Universidad Simon Bolivar is a distinctive and distinguished academic unit where the highest interest is the improvement of our abilities in teaching, researching as well as in the services provided to the community. All of this in order to: provide a better education environment for undergraduate and graduate students in the engineering professional fields of Chemical, Mechanical, Materials, Production, Electrical Engineering and Architecture with the highest moral and ethical values, and social commitment to the community. Moreover, we promote the technological and scientific development of the University Venezuela.  Finally, we pledge develop the required leadership in our faculty and student body for a better and sustainable future society where the solutions will be based in solid technical expertise.


Be the Department of Mechanics with the highest quality and innovation in teaching and learning methodologies that will position us as a model to be followed nationally and internationally in higher education, providing better education to our students, with the highest level of theoretical and practical knowledge, with the best balance between its social commitment to the country and his profession. Likewise, our Faculty will pursue the highest academic rank, seeking excellence in research and in providing specialized services that enable the Department to provide knowledge and solutions to the venezuelan society in our expertise areas, pointing to become strategic technology partners either to the public and private sectors and in general to the community in which we operate.