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- I remember that: Interview with Professor Juan José Espinosa about the history of the Simón Bolívar University. 26/01/2015. 



The internal culture of the Mechanical Department derives from the academic and human quality of its members, highly cohesive and with high productivity in the activities of research, extension, teaching and university management, throughout its 45 years of existence. From its beginnings, the Department had as a priority activity the process of consolidation and growth of its professors both at the level of their academic training (fourth level studies) and in their teacher training (implementing internal mechanisms that would allow the growth and assurance of their professors Novels).

This training has been reinforced by its high participation in outreach activities, which have allowed the professional growth of its members to be involved in real life projects, which reinforces their level of training as teachers.

From there it can be seen that in recent years, the Department has stood out for its high performance in teaching, research and extension activities, as reflected in Table 1.


Table N ° 1: Research statistics of the Mechanical Department until 2017.

Publications  Since 1997 2017
Events Abroad 519 0
Events in Venezuela 356 10
Projects  187 10
SCI 215 7
Books 42 1
Memories 874 12


Origins of the Department of Mechanics

On November 4, 1970, the Organizing Committee of the Simón Bolívar University decided to create, among other units, the Department of "Mechanics and Materials Science", a name that lasts until April 2, 1971 when it is split in two. , giving rise to two new departments: the one of "Mechanics" and the one of "Sciences of the Materials", as it was foreseen in the development plan of our university

Professor Juan León L. was appointed by the University Authorities as the first Head of Department on December 2, 1970, and was succeeded by Professors Luis Bruzual, Alfonso Quiroga, Daniel Pilo, Aquiles Martinez, Alfonso Quiroga, Zulay Cassier, Juan Oliveras , Rómulo Martínez, Raúl Goncalves, Jeanette González, Rosestela Perera, Carlos Graciano, Euro Casanova, María Virginia Candal, Armando Blanco, Carmen Muller-Karger, Armando Blanco (E) and Gabriela Martínez.


Milestones to highlight

Its members have had a substantive participation in the creation and implementation of the Materials Engineering, Production Engineering and postgraduate programs in Mechanical Engineering and Materials Engineering. Professors who have performed or carried out academic administrative functions at the Rectoral level, in the Planning Commission of the USB, in the USB BID Project, in the Laboratory Unit, in multiple undergraduate and postgraduate teaching coordinators, training coordinators. Complementary and Technical Cooperation, in the Reingenieria Project, among others. Likewise, a very intense participation in extension activities, among them in the management of the new Extension Deanship, in the Sartenejas Technology Park of the Simón Bolívar University, in the Research and Development Foundation (Funindes).


Interesting comments

  • When beginning its teaching functions in 1971, the Department counted on the participation of professors with an outstanding national and international trajectory, like Simón Lamar, Celso Fortoul, Reclus Roca Vila, among others.
  • Throughout its history, the productivity of its personnel has been recognized by prestigious national and international institutions, both in the academic and professional fields. Some examples:
  • Program for the Promotion of Innovation and Research (PEII) category C: María Virginia Candal (2011, 2013 and 2015), Orlando Pelliccioni (2015) and Armando Blanco (2015).
  • Program for the Stimulus for Innovation and Research (PEII) category B: Orlando Pelliccioni (2011 and 2013), Rafael Torrealba (2011), Armando Blanco (2011) and Carmen Rosales (2011)
  • Program to Stimulate Innovation and Research (PEII) category A: Jeanette González (2014), Boris Mauricio Bossio (2014), Juan C. Romero Quintini (2011 and 2013).
  • Program to Stimulate Innovation and Research (PPI) level III: Jeanette González (2009), Carmen Rosales (2001)
  • Program for the Promotion of Innovation and Research (PPI) level II: César Morales (2009), María Virginia Candal (2006), Jeanette González (2006 and 2003)
  • Program to stimulate innovation and research (PPI) level I: Rafael Torrealba (2009), Oscar González (2006), Zulay Cassier (2006), Armando Blanco (2005), María Virginia Candal (2004), Jeanette González (2000) .
  • Candidate level: María Virginia Candal (2003), Zulay Cassier (2003), Oscar González (1995), and Jeanette González (1993).
  • CONABA Level III Prize: Jeanette González (2004), Carmen Müller-Karger (2004 and 2001), Carmen Rosales (2000), Raul Goncalves (2001), Oscar González (2001) and Heber D'Armas (1998 and 2000).
  • CONABA Level II Award: Carmen Rosales (2002), Carmen Müller-Karger (1999) and Raul Goncalves (1998).
  • CONABA Level I Award: Jeanette González (2001) and Carmen Rosales (2004)
  • CONADES Award: Carmen Rosales (1998) and Raul Goncalves (1998).
  • IMACS Most successufl papers award: Orlando Pelliccioni (2007).
  • Charles H. Jennings Memorial Award: Carolina Payares (2009).
  • Best publication of the Magazine of the Faculty of Engineering of the UCV: Orlando Pelliccioni (2007).
  • Annual Award for Best Scientific Work in the area of ​​Engineering, Honorable Mention: Raúl Goncalves (1993).
  • Burt Newkirk Award: Sergio Díaz (2003)
  • Outstanding researcher Google Scholar: Gabriela Martínez (2015), María Virginia Candal (2014 and 2015).
  • In his bosom, he has the presence of three Professors Emeritus, Prof (a). Carmen Rosales, Prof. Juan Leon Livinalli and Prof. Paul Georgescu.
  • Several of his teachers have received outstanding awards:
  • Award to the Outstanding USB Teaching Work, Titular Category: Raul Goncalves (1997-1998), Zulay Cassier (1998-1999), Carmen Rosales (1999-2000), Carmen Müller-Karger (2007-2008), Rosestela Perera (2009- 2010), Sergio Díaz (2011-2012), Euro Casanova (2013-2014), Armando Blanco (2014-2015) and Oscar González (2015-2016).
  • Award for the Outstanding USB Teaching Work, Associate Category: Raul Goncalves (1994-1995), Zulay Cassier (1995-1996), Rosestela Perera (2000-2001), Sergio Díaz (2001-2002), Jeanette González (2004-2005) , Oscar González (2004-2005), Euro Casanova (2007-2008), Marco González (2010-2011), Orlando Pelliccioni (2011-2012, 2015-2016), Rafael Torrealba (2012-2013), Luis Medina (2013- 2014) and María Virginia Candal (2014-2015).
  • Award to the Outstanding USB Teaching Work, Aggregate Category: Aquiles Martínez (1995-1996), Eucario Contreras (1997-1998), Cora Martínez (1999-2000), Luis Medina (2003-2004), Euro Casanova (2004-2005) , María Virginia Candal (2007-2008), Marcelo Di Liscia (2010-2011), Boris Bossio (2012-2013), Mariselis Trujillo (2013-2014) and Paulo Teixeira (2015-2016).
  • Award for the Outstanding USB Teaching Work, Assistant Category: Renzo Boccardo (1994-1995 and 1997-1998), Oscar González (1994-1995 and 1997-1998), Carmen Müller-Karger (1995-1996), Patricia Muñoz-escalona ( 1998-1999), Andrés Clavijo (2004-2005), Rafael Ruiz (2008-2009) and Boris Bossio (2010-2011).
  • Antonio José de Sucre APUSB Award: Orlando Pelliccioni (2016), María Virginia Candal (2015), Boris Bossio (2014), Armando Blanco (2011), María Virginia Candal (2010) and Raul Goncalves (2001).
  • APUSB Andrés Bello Award: Carlos Graciano (2012), Gabriela Martínez, (2009 and 2015) and César Morales (2003 and 2000).
  • APUSB Simón Rodríguez Award: Carmen Rosales (2015), Jeanette González (2014), Juan Espinoza (2012), Alfonzo Quiroga (2008), Raul Goncalves (2006) and Juan León (2005).
  • APUSB Fernando Fernández Award: María Virginia Candal (2016), Marco González (2015), Nila Montbrun (2012) and Carmen Müller-Karger (2008).
  • APUSB Prize José Santos Urriola: Renzo Boccardo (2012).
  • APUSB José Francisco Torrealba Prize: Jeanette González (2009).
  • FCEUSB Award for the Professor of the Year: Boris Bossio (2013).
  • FCEUSB Award for the outstanding teaching work: Rosestela Perera (2016).
  • FCEUSB Award for research and extension: Rafael Torrealba (2016).
  • Prize for the academic trajectory in polymers awarded by AVIPLA: Jeanette González (2011) and Carmen Rosales (2009).
  • Professor of the Year of Mechanical Engineering USB: Boris Bossio (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014).
  • Biennial Award APUCV to the textbook University, in the area of ​​Technology: Juan León (1984) and Raul Goncalves (2002).
  • AVPG Award for Academic Excellence 2006. Academic Tutor of the Best Degree Work: Armando Blanco (2006) and Oscar González (2006).
  • INELECTRA Award for the best degree work in mechanical engineering. Recognition as Academic Tutor: Oscar González (1996).
  • Guest distinguished by the Mayor's Office of Maracaibo: Oscar González (1994).
  • PDVSA Award "Award for Best Teaching Work": Carmen Müller-Karger (1996-1997)
  • PTS Contest "Innovation with Social Impact": Second Place: Orlando Pelliccioni and María Virginia Candal (2012).
  • Prize for the teaching excellence of Procter & Gamble: Renzo Boccardo (1995).


Source: Cenda, various documents.