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Research lines by Department sections

Section of Design, Resistance of Materials and Structures

  • Experimental Testing:
    • Failure Analysis of structural components and members.
    •  Mechanical caracterization and assesment behaviour of different materials.
  • Biomechanics.
    • Sectioning and Reconstruction of bone structures.
    • Analysis of movement with optoelectronic technology.
    • Polymer with natural and commercial fillers.
  • High Pressure Vessels. Boundary Elements Methods
  • Mechanical Design.
  • Eco design.
  • Mechanical behavior of materials and the study of the factors that determine his fatigue and fracture.
  • Design and Creativity.
  • Structural Analysis and Energy Dissipation
  • Structural analysis and structural pathology assessment. Numerical simulation of non-linear inverse problems by finite element method, and multi-objectives structural optimization. Evolutionary Computing.

Section of Fluid Mechanic

  • Biomechanics of fluids.

Section of Mechanics and Dynamics of Machines

Numerical simulation on various problems related to the following areas of knowledge:

  • Analysis of Structural Stability
  • Analysis, Measurement and Control of  Vibration: 
    • Magnetic Bearings
    • Submerged Pipelines
  • Theoretical Structural Dynamics
  • Fluid Dynamics
  • Alternative Energy
  • Mechanical Integrity
  • Rotodynamic
  • Tribology

Section of Polymers

  • Design and manufacture of plastic parts, and their respective molds
  • Numerical simulation and mechanical behavior of injected plastic parts.
  • Preparation and characterization (mechanical, rheological, thermal and morphological) of virgin and recycled thermoplastic and elastomeric composites with natural and commercial loads.
  • Preparation and characterization (mechanical, rheological, thermal and morphological) of elastomeric and thermoplastic nanocomposites
  • Constitutive equations development and optimization of the thermoforming process.
  • Study of viscoelastic behaviour (linear and non-linear) of polymeric materials.
  • Finite Elements simulation of the injection and thermoforming process of plastic parts.

Section of Process of Manufacturing

  • Finite difference analysis of mechanical properties of hot-formed materials
  • Finite element analysis of processes of forming plastic using free software.
  • Study, analysis and simulation of thermo-chemical and kinetic process in reactors.
  • Synthesis of metastable materials, cell phones, or nanostructured in reactors
  • Theory of plasticity.


Research Groups

The Mechanical Department Research groups are:

Biomecánica (GID-50)


  • Prof. Orlando Pelliccioni (Director)
  • Prof. Carmen Müller-Karger
  • Prof. Rafael Torrealba

web site:

Centro de Mecánica de Fluidos y Aplicaciones


  • Prof. Carlos Corrales
  • Prof. Armando Blanco

web site:

Dinámica de Sistemas Mecánicos


  • Prof. Sergio Díaz (Director)
  • Prof. Luis Medina 

Polímeros II


  • Prof(a). María Virginia Candal (Director)
  • Prof(a). Miren Ichazo
  • Prof(a). Jeanette González
  • Prof(a). Rosestela Perera
  • Prof(a). Carmen Rosales