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The Professors of the Mechanical Department at Universidad Simon Bolivar provides industrial services to public and private entities in the areas of their competitions and expertises through Funindes USB, Laboratory Unit or specific Management Units. For more information about services, contact directly the expert professor in the subject that you wish to consult.


- GID-14 Polymer 2 Group

  • Prof. María Virginia Candal (Chief)
  • Prof. Miren Ichazo
  • Prof. Jeanette González
  • Prof. Rosestela Perera
  • Prof. Carmen Rosales

- GID-48: Dynamics of Mechanical Systems

  • Prof. Sergio Díaz (Chief)
  • Prof. Luis Medina

- GID-50: Biomechanics

  • Prof. Orlando Pelliccioni (Chief)
  • Prof. Carmen Müller-Karger
  • Prof. Rafael Torrealba

- CEMFA (Center of Fluid Mechanics and Applications)

  • Prof. Carlos Corrales
  • Prof. Armando Blanco


Management units assigned to Funindes are:


-  Management Unit of Biomechanics Solutions (UGSB)

  • Prof. Rafael Torrealba (Chief)
  • Prof. Orlando Pelliccioni
  • Prof. Carmen Müller-Karger
  • Prof. María Virginia Candal

- Management Unit of Industrial Maintenance (UGMI)

  • Prof. Alfonso Quiroga

- Management Unit of Machine Design (UDM)

  • Prof. Renzo Boccardo

-  Unit of Strategic Project Management (UGGEP)

  • Prof. Nila Montbrun
  • Prof. Sergio Díaz
  • Prof. Euro Casanova
  • Prof. Boris Bossio



The Laboratories are academic-administrative units grouped under the main Laboratory of the Universidad Simón Bolívar in which the personal of Mechanical's Department provides their services. Everything related to manufacture, analysis, trials, preparation and verification of mechanical's parts and equipment can be provide by soliciting their services.


Laboratory A

The "Laboratory A" covers all relevant with the process, analysis, trials, preparation and verification of electrical and mechanical equipments. 

The structured organization of the Laboratory A is the following: leadership of Laboratory "A", Secretary and Sections: High Tension, Electrical Energy Conversion, Mechanical Energy Conversion, Machine Dynamics, Transport Phenomena, Computational Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Develop of Models and Prototypes, Unitary Operations and Power Systems.

Nowadays, the Laboratory's Chief and chiefs of some of their sections belongs to Mechanical's Department.

Chief of Section of Machines Dynamics: Prof. Sergio Diaz
Chief of Section of Develop of Model and Prototypes: Prof. Renzo Boccardo
Chief of Section of Computational Mechanics: Prof. Paulo Teixeira

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Laboratory E

The Laboratory "E" offers services of technical support to the national industry in the areas of metalworking, metallurgy, polymers and ceramic's materials, cements and dimensional metrology. 

We count with a Quality's Coordination which is working in the process of accreditation of the University's laboratories. 

Chief of section of Polymers: Prof. Mariselis Trujillo

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