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Organization chart

The Mechanical Department at Universidad  Simón Bolívar is adscrited to and is formed by five academic sections, which together with the Head of the Department comprises the Department's Advisory Council.

Head of Department

  • Prof. Boris Bossio

Administrative Staff

  • Administrative Assistant: 






Mrs. Yumelys Cardenas


  • Trainer Support: Br. Saúl Utrera

Department's Advisory Council

  • Prof. Boris Bossio, Section Chief of Mechanics and Dynamics of Machines
  • Prof. Rafael Torrealba, Section Chief of Design, Resistance of Materials and Structures
  • Prof. María Virginia Candal, Section Chief of Polymers
  • Prof. Verónica Di Graci, Section Chief of Process of Manufacturing

Credentials Committee 

  • Prof. Omar Zurita
  • Prof. Luis Medina
  • Prof. Nataly Moreno (Department of Energy Converssion).
  • Prof(a). Rosestela Perera (Substitute).

 Professorial Representatives

 Office of the Dean of Research and Development

  • Prof. María Virginia Candal.
  • Prof. Armando Blanco (Substitute).

Representatives in Other Departments 

Advisory Council of the Coordination of Materials Engineering

  • Prof(a). Rosestela Perera.
  • Prof. Gabriel Torrente.